Three Keys to Caring for Slate Roofs

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Slate roofs are lauded for their classic, well-loved aesthetic and natural properties that fend off insects, mold, and fire. When properly installed and cared for, slate roofing can weatherproof your home for a lifetime.

Three Keys to Caring for Slate Roofs

Here are three tips you’ll want to know to preserve the durability and beauty of your slate roof:

  1. Regular inspections: Slate roofs benefit greatly from a thorough inspection once or twice a year. Scheduling an inspection allows you to catch and repair any minor issues before they become larger and more costly fixes. You can also inspect the roof yourself throughout the year, especially following inclement weather — though it’s important that you examine from the ground, as slate is prone to being slippery and cracking under the weight of foot traffic.
  2. Cleaning: Like any other material, slate roofs can accumulate dirt, grime, and moss over time. Protect your roof by gently cleaning and removing potentially damaging organic material. It’s also important to not neglect your gutters and downspouts, which work in conjunction with your roof to divert water and debris away from your home. Clogged and heavy gutters can cause additional strain to slate roofs, so it’s critical that you also have these cleaned.
  3. Repair and replace: If you notice cracked, broken, or missing slate shingles, it’s recommended that you have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Left unfixed, this breach in the protective shield covering your home can cause issues like water and structural damage.

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