Four Reasons Why Commercial Metal Roofs Make Sense

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Is it time to replace the roof on your commercial building? Metal roofs have surged in popularity over recent years, thanks to attractive modern styles and unparalleled durability.

Four Reasons Why Commercial Metal Roofs Make Sense

If you’re considering new roofing for your business facility, the following four key benefits make metal roofs the top choice.

  1. Beauty That Lasts. Metal roofing comes in striking colors and finishes, from warm natural copper to cool grays with metallic sparkle. Smooth panels and bold seams result in an ultra-modern aesthetic. Unlike shingles that degrade and fade over time, the resilient coatings used on metal roof surfaces maintain their eye-catching appearance for decades. Facilities look sharp and contemporary, thanks to metal’s enduring and easy-to-maintain beauty.
  2. Strength and Longevity. Metal roofs are extraordinarily strong, rip-resistant, and weatherproof. Special interlocking panels resist wind uplift. Most metal roofing carries warranties of 50 years or longer. While severe weather can tear shingle roofs apart, durable metal stands up to storms. Fewer repairs, lower insurance rates, and protection from leaks over an exceedingly long lifespan make metal roofs a smart fiscal choice.
  3. Coolness Factor. What other roofing material can make your building’s interior cooler in summer? Reflective metal roof coatings block and dissipate heat, so cooling costs are less. This ability for temperature regulation also prevents destructive thaw, melt, and freeze cycles over metal roofs in winter.
  4. Eco-Friendly Option. The coveted EnergyStar label certifies certain metal roofing options for solar reflectivity. Metal plays nice with roof-top PV solar panel additions down the road.

Metal roofs bring a lot to the table. Let our roofing specialists advise you on the ideal metal roofing makeover for your business. We’ll handle your installation with expertise and care from start to finish. Contact us today.