Five Signs You Need a Commercial Roof Replacement

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Is your commercial building due for a roof makeover? Avoiding replacing a failing roof because of a tight budget or disruption can cause much larger headaches.

Five Signs You Need a Commercial Roof Replacement

How can you identify when it’s time for a commercial roof replacement? Here are five obvious signs:

  1. Your Roof Has Reached Its Life Expectancy The average roof lifespan varies depending on what material it’s made of. Checking installation dates and knowing your commercial roof type’s longevity is key to gauging when replacement is imminent. Once warranties expire, it’s likely time for commercial roof replacement.
  2. You Spot Water Leaks. Leaks that reappear after repairs indicate your commercial roof is no longer effectively waterproof and sealing out the elements. Prolonged moisture exposure leads to mold, rot, insulation breakdown, and eventually costly structural damage. Address persistent leaks immediately with a full commercial roof replacement.
  3. The Roof Surface Has Major Damage. Cracks, blisters, holes, missing shingles/tiles, or vast coverage of rust on metal roofs demonstrate your commercial roof’s surface integrity is failing. Over the years, extreme weather exposure, fallen branches, and aging materials have caused such deterioration. Extensive damage means a patch job won’t suffice anymore.
  4. Your Energy Bills Are Spiking. Heating and cooling can escape through a degraded commercial roof, causing HVAC systems to work much harder. Unusually high energy bills, particularly impacting top floors, signify poor insulation and seals. This often coincides with visible surface damage.
  5. You Notice Leaks Inside. The ultimate warning that you need commercial roof replacement right away is when water drips into your business’ interior spaces. Ceiling leak stains, damp insulation, mold growth, and structural concerns arise. This emergency threatens inventory, equipment, and, most importantly — your employees’ and customers’ safety.

Did any red flags for replacing your commercial building’s roof stand our as you read this? Our team is ready to assess your situation and thoroughly provide honest, experienced recommendations. With advanced roofing materials that are durable, sustainable, and gorgeous, a new commercial roof installation can transform your structure and business for decades to come. Contact us today to explore your roof replacement options.