Common Issues with Flat Roofs to Keep in Mind

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Flat roofs can be an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and even aesthetically pleasing option, but they’re not without their problems. Depending on the age, construction materials, and exposure to natural elements, a flat roof can develop a variety of issues that need to be promptly addressed in order to avoid more costly repairs or even complete replacement.

Common Issues with Flat Roofs to Keep in Mind

Here are a few common problems you may experience if you have a flat roof and some warning signs to watch out for:

  • Leaks – Flat roofs usually have a slight slope to them, but sometimes it is not steep enough for water to run off properly, especially if the roof is not maintained correctly. When this happens, water can accumulate on flat roofs and cause moisture to enter the building. Keep an eye out for water spots high on the walls or ceiling and bulges in the paint or wallpaper that hint there is excess moisture trapped underneath it.
  • Cracking or Splitting – Flat roofs often experience thermal movement in which the materials expand and contract due to temperature differences between the roof and the building’s interior. The movement can make the roofing materials crack or split, so watch out for these signs.
  • Blistering – If your roof is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, it can cause the roofing material to blister from the heat and exposure. If you see bubbles in the roofing material, you should schedule a roof inspection to determine the extent of the damage and begin repairs.

At Winters Roofing Inc., we offer roof inspections for both sloped and flat roofs. Contact us to schedule your next appointment and keep your roof looking and performing its best.