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We’re experts in roof inspections, and we know the signs to look for that could indicate a bigger problem.

Although you may be able to see some evidence of roofing damage from the ground level, most issues aren’t visible without a thorough inspection. Since it’s not generally recommended to climb up on your roof without the proper safety equipment and training, allow our team at Winters Roofing Inc. to take care of this process. We’re experts in roof inspections, as we know what signs to look for that could be indicative of a bigger problem. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we’ve seen it all when it comes to roofing needs.

Roof Inspections in Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Roof inspections are recommended at least once every few years, and you may want to increase the frequency as your roofing materials get older. Our technicians can take a closer look at your roof on a regular basis, talking to you about our findings and performing any necessary repairs along the way.

Some of the most common issues we find when performing roof inspections include leaks and poor ventilation. A leaky roof can cause many problems, as it can’t provide the necessary protection. As moisture enters the space, it can result in major structural damage and an increased risk of mold growth. These are issues you simply don’t want to deal with, which is why a regular inspection is so worthwhile.

We also recommend scheduling a roof inspection after your Signal Mountain, Tennessee property has been affected by a major storm. Our expert roofing contractors are equipped to address all types of concerns that occur after heavy rainfall, hail, or wind. Give us a call for more information.

At Winters Roofing Inc., we offer roof inspections in Chattanooga, Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Jasper, Cleveland, East Ridge, and surrounding areas in Tennessee, as well as Dalton, LaFayette, Ringo, and surrounding areas in Georgia.